The Power of Complexity

As soon as he reaches the microphone, his energetic and vibrant personality catches the attention of the entire audience. Lorenzo Fioramonti, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Education, takes the floor during the opening ceremony of the International Careers festival this morning and enthusiastically starts delivering his speech.

He stresses the importance of making the learning process fun in order to help students become better learners. In fact, he emphasizes the need to pursue our goals and to dedicate ourselves to what we are passionate about, as he already highlighted right before the ceremony during a quick interview. “Studying lots of things and doing what you love helps you grow,” he said.

In the past, he says, people used to believe that the future was linear and simple. However, he believes that nowadays it is impossible to think that way. Being flexible and thinking outside the box opens a lot of doors for a more exciting future. “Things are less predetermined than they were in the past,” he said, “pursuing your passion makes you better in whatever you do”. As a perfect example of this way of thinking, he brings up his life experience. He studied History and Economy and then he pursued a PhD in Political Science. As a girl in the audience noticed, he’s like a “mixed salad”.

In order to achieve what you want in life, you have to learn how to collaborate. We improve more from collaboration than from competition. In our world there are many challenges we have to face, such as migration, climate change and so on. Therefore, in order to solve complex problems collective organisms are in high demand. We have to count on our generation to change the mindset.

He also adds that we do not have to fear complexity or diversity. As it helps us tackle problems more easily, as there are several approaches to solve a single problem. “There’s not a single way to achieve happiness,” he said. Moreover, he explains that great leaders such as Nelson Mandela, went through hardships and insecurities, but those fears don’t have to be an excuse. We cannot stop pursuing our dreams just because we are afraid. “You can be a leader by being imperfect,” he says “you do not have to be special, you just have to be yourself.” Society is constantly changing and we have to learn to adapt to it.

In conclusion, he recommends us to always fulfill what we stand for, and from the applause and the stares of the participants it is obvious his message will never be forgotten.

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