Tackling the issue of drug smuggling at the CCPCJ

By Letizia Gargiulo

The first day of debate at the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ), Rome MUN 2019, was fruitful and lively.

This committee generally works in order to strengthen and direct criminal justice institutions, to create a connection between law and justice experts. They create an international network that decides on common and more effective solutions and the ratification of the already existing documents that still coordinate the work of this committee.

This year the delegates are discussing “The legal basis of drug trafficking: developing a legal framework to combat the smuggling of narcotics around the world”. This main theme covers a lot of aspects. The first issue that they are trying to solve is the actual efficiency of the international treaties on drug trafficking, currently in use.

Delegates are trying to come up with a resolution that can improve these treaties and that can change international but also national perspectives on this illicit activity, with the focus mainly on the legal effects in producing, trafficking or use of drugs.

Apart from the legal point of view, the commission also faces the economic and the often ignored social aspects of substance abuse that not always relate only to the most famous drugs but also to the common sleeping pills and sedatives.

Delegates of the CCPCJ are motivated and the debate proceeded actively. The discussion peaks during diplomatic arguments between countries. In the afternoon the protagonists where the delegates of Myanmar and Israel that wanted to protect the beliefs of the country about medical research on the positive aspect and effects of cannabis. Tension grew, but delegates never forgot to be polite and diplomatic to others and always added a nice “thank you very much” to their strong statements.

During the discussion about the existing treaties that now coordinate the framework againstillicit trafficking of drugs, Israel dipped into another duel with Russia. Despite that, the committee’s activity had a friendly and determined atmosphere.

As the Vice-Chairperson of the committee, Lucas Espindola said, the delegates are “going down the right path.”


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