Rome International Career Fair: Think Local, Act Local

The Giovani nel Mondo Association hosts an annual career fair in Rome, Italy and this year the career attracted internationally recognized organizations, both for- and non-profit, such as the ONE Campaign, the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). The Career Festival is open to attendees of all
ages. University and study abroad organizations attract students, while NGOs and other organizations cater to those looking for job or internship opportunities.
The ONE Campaign, an international advocacy organization that fights extreme poverty and preventable diseases, attended the International Career Fair aiming to raise awareness of their campaign and mission. The outreach of the ONE Campaign is aimed at both students and professionals attending the career fair.
ONE Campaign representative Tommaso Rossotti stated that the International Career Fair is an opportunity to “bring [ONE Campaign’s work to fight HIV/Aids] into everyday conversations, so they care about us and they care about these topics.”
For those looking for internships opportunities, UNIDO’s stand at the career fair offered brochures and the chance to speak with supervisors that oversee projects in the Investment
Technology Promotion Office (ITPO) in Italy. The goal of the ITPO office of UNIDO is to “promote investment, technology transfer and capacity building activities towards developing countries,” according to Andrea Carapellese, a representative of the organization attending the career fair.

The international career course participants took the opportunity of the international career fair, both those looking for a university, as participant Erika Perini, who discover John Cabot University, or those looking for an internship, such as participant Niarivo Ifaliana. One of the most deserving association which is taking part in the fair is the EPSO-EU, that provides jobs for future employment in the European institution. EPSO-EU informs young
people of the possibilities for them to make the difference in a European context with their job as they are able to work side by side with people from around the world. “EPSO is offering work opportunities to young people,” said Ardita Osmani, a representative from EPSO. She also emphasizes the social part of the job. “If you are working for the European Union actually you are not working for just one nation but for all of them.” Osmani stressed the importance of being able to work with those of different cultures and with different communication styles, as they do within EPSO-EU as well as nearly all job fields and
The International Career Fair aims to provide participants with a view of the job and internship opportunities available for them, regardless of their background or age. The career fair is a quintessential part of the International Career Festival and a perfect way to round out the festival.

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By Kendall Shanks and Federico Iacopini

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