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Biodiversity in simple term is the richness and variety of life. It is what a variety in race is in human socio-cultural life. Biodiversity consists of plants, animals, microorganisms and tiny creatures we can not even see. It gives spice to life and sustains even human life. For instance a bird in a region is responsible for the pollination of some plants; what happens when the bird is extinct? The plant suffers too. And human suffer too. Biodiversity means all life on earth are connected in one invisible wiring. Our lives are edged on the existence of other lives, however cryptic they are. Some plants are used in the production of medicines, some are for food, raw materials, natural mineralization through biogeochemical cycles, what happens in the case of an extinction of diversity on earth? The whole cosmic equilibrium is upset.


Yet that is what we do when statistics like these comes out: Nigeria has one of the highest rate of deforestation in the world. It has lost 410, 100 hectares per year! And it is predicted that by 2050 we would have lost 60% of natural forest. We exploit the earth for riches, and leave her bare and ailing. We hunt the forest for her wildlife. Human activities keep evaporating the huge deposit of biodiversity we have, especially in Nigeria, like mining and excessive explorations, industrialization, bush burning and chiefly deforestation. The more biodiversity deplets the more life gradually loses it sustainability.


According to Nigeria has about 22, 000 vertebrate and invertebrate and 0.14% are threatened and 0.22 endangered. Protection of this massive biodiversity should be a collective endeavour. And to protect our biodiversity we need to first orient our selves to the necessity of such action. Also we need to do the following:

(1) Creates laws and legislation to protect our biodiversity

(2) Engage in environmental conventions to orient everyone about the importance of biodiversity

(3) We need to infiltrate biodiversity conservation strategies in our school curriculum.


May 22 is The Worlds Biodiversity day, and at MONDOINTERNAZIONALE we would make use of that day to propagate conversations around biodiversity. We talked to several people on their views on biodiversityin tbeir regions and what personal actions they are taking to preserve the richness of life and diversity in our ecosystems. Here are what they say:

(For example)

"When last did you see a butterfly? The rate at which plants and animals are vanishing is alarming. Where are grasshoppers that used to play in green gardens and butterflies that flutters from flower to flower, and perching on our hands. We need to protect these essential creatures" LIVINGSTONE NGOZIUKWU, WRITER.

"Just in case you are not aware! Strange occurrence in our fast degrading environment calls for an alarming report. Disappearing flies, earth without earthworms, and declining coral reefs. The bottom line: biological diversity is clearly weakening. This occasion presents the perfect timing to share thoughts, insights and brief notes with you. The clear statement of fact: we must turn the tide before our environmental ecosystems collapse. The outlook of humankind hangs by a thread. At any moment we could suffer serious consequences for our negligence. Biological diversity forms the basis for our survival; providing us with food, clean drinking water, and climate adaptation. We must bring heads together (locally and globally) to reverse the dipping biodiversity curve. At least, from all that’s gathered, it’s caused by human activity but we can help protect the environment for ourselves. Thanks to the generous contributions of Livingstone Ngoziukwu and Clementino Ominyi for making this publication a success."

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World Biodiversity Day - Mondo Internazionale Nigeria


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