Why is Virtual Reality destined to change our lives

Almost every side of our working and personal life has been somehow improved thanks to technology and the touch of innovation. We live in a society with real-time on-demand access to vast amounts information and basically to any product or service we want, independently from where we are in the world. Even though the extremely rapid technological development of the last decades seems to proceed with a different pace, today the focus of interest and curiosity is on what tomorrow has in store for us. Looking back in time it is very difficult to imagine those who lived in the past and the struggle they must have experienced while travelling from one continent to the other or even just sending a simple message. It is almost sad to think that the generations to come will think the exact same things about the society of today.

We can still find relief thinking that we are also part of the change, we are experiencing it directly and while there are technologies that are changing the way we live and work, there are more technologies to come that may completely revolutionize our lives.

One of these technologies is in fact Virtual Reality, or VR; it will change in a very significant way every sector: military, healthcare, entertainment, games, education, fashion, business.

It can allow us to identify safe routes in cases where there is a risk of physical injuries: in the military for example VR is currently used mainly in training and perhaps in the future it will be used in the battlefield when the environment is difficult for soldiers to face. In the medical field, this technology is used to train future physicians as well as to conduct virtual surgeries. In this case, the surgeon is distant thousands of kilometers and can use the necessary tools in the real world thanks to the use of tactile feedback and other sensory inputs – a technology still fairly basic but that is developing very quickly. Another important use of VR is in the assistance of individuals affected by Cognitive Impairment, who suffer for example from Alzheimer. In the fashion world, VR is used to help people try their dresses on, whereas in the videogame world there is an increasing interest in a digital reality that is fully immersive and can project the user in an artificial world capable of reproducing real sensations.

The development of this technology will therefore try to make our life as simple as possible in many ways. Let’s imagine for example to take the driving tests without going to the driving school, to try on dresses without leaving the house, to hike on the Everest from one’s own couch, and so on.

In conclusion, as underlined in the previous article, this is a one billion industry that is destined to get to more than 120 billion in the coming 6-7 years and to more than 200 billion before 2030, according to the most recent forecasts of the business magazine Bloomberg. Furthermore, according to data published by Digi-Capital - a company that offers data, reports and strategic advice on VR - the investments on research are going to triplicate in the same period of time. In short Virtual Reality seems to be destined to change everything, a true game-changer for every human being’s life.

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