Human rights violations in North-West Syria

A new season of blood has begun in northwest Syria.

As if it had not already upset the sudden attack of Erdogan, the situation is exacerbated by the news coming from the area concerned.

By November 8, according to the OHCHR (United Nations Human Rights office of the High Commissioner), 92 people had already lost their lives one month after the beginning of the border invasion.

Moreover, as OHCHR spokesman Rupert Colville pointed out, the massive and indiscriminate use of IEDs (improvised explosive devices) in areas populated by civilians has escalated.

Currently, 710,000 civilians are displaced. The number of people in need of humanitarian assistance rises to 1,800,000.

The general picture is made even more dramatic by the fact that the funds requested by the United Nations to provide support to the local population currently amount to 138 million, less than half of the quota set as a target, i.e. 295 million.

However, the most serious problem concerns hospital facilities. Not only are hospitals involved in conflicts, but, according to Rupert Colville, they are also deliberate victims of attacks by armed groups affiliated to the Turkish Government. Evidence of this has not yet been provided, but empirical evidence of frequent attacks on hospital facilities, which are so frequent that they are unlikely to coincide, would support it. This, once the intentionality of the attacks has been established, would qualify them as real war crimes.

All that remains, therefore, is to hope that this obscure chapter of international relations will close as soon as possible.

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