Tra Scienza e Conoscenza

“The United States, more precisely Philadelfia, and Italy, with Lombardy, Rome and Naples, unite for the first time giving way to an international network for research between Virtual Reality and Cognitive Impairment. A challenge to eradicate fears and open new doors to young people ", these are the words of Angela Romano, president of ScuolaImpresa and referent of the project " Tra Scienza e Conoscenza ".

Neurological diseases and cognitive disorders cause illness not only for the many people affected but also for those close to them; these are everyday situations close to the family reality of many of us, for this Mondo Internazionale has decided to collaborate with ScuolaImpresa, SHRO and CNR-ICAR to give young university students the chance to collaborate with industry professionals, both in the United States and in Italy, to carry out research in this area.

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