The Italian Fundraising Award is back

A special edition that rewards all fundraisers and donors who worked in 2020 to support the Third Sector during the SARS-COV-2 pandemic

The 9th edition of the Italian Fundraising Award was held online on September 30 on the occasion of the Fundraising Festival and was characterized as a special and meaningful edition, which brings with it all the experience of this 2020 so complex and delicate. A year that has marked everyone, without exception, in which the Third Sector has revealed a great strength and enormous resilience. Faced with the exceptionality of the moment, fundraisers have shown all their stubbornness in facing complex challenges, embracing new paradigms, updating their way of working, deploying all their resources, values and skills. Donors have also found themselves responding to a myriad of new needs to help address an unparalleled emergency in Italy and around the world, demonstrating that they fully understand the true value of giving.

Together donors, fundraisers and the third sector reacted by reminding all Italians how fundamental the gift is for the future of our society.

"This year also the arrival at the Fundraising Festival was distorted by the dynamics of the pandemic and everything had to be converted to the online, the distant but also the strongest and most intense", emphasizes Stefano Malfatti, President of the Fundraising Festival Association which continues "it is also the case of the IFA which, in other years, was living on the suspense of nominations, on the strength of the stories of individual donors and the example of singular and original stories, this year has been able to exalt the spirit and culture of gift in its deepest meaning, perhaps moving away from the priority of money but exalting the strength of the relationship and mutual support".

The award, promoted by Associazione Festival del Fundraising and ASSIF, was supposed to be awarded - as every year - during the Fundraising Festival in mid-May but, due to the lockdown, it was postponed to September and was held online. Also for this year two categories would have been at stake if the lockdown imposed by SARS-COV2 infection had not affected the lives of Italians during the first nine months of 2020:

- Fundraiser of the year: recognition of the fundraiser who has distinguished himself for his exceptional skills in the practice of the profession, showing a strong talent in combining the technical aspects of fundraising with attention to the care of the personal relationship with donors.

- Donor of the Year: a person or family that has distinguished itself for its high civic and philanthropic sense thanks to a recognized generosity and willingness to support projects of non-profit organizations.

But only for this year - in an extraordinary way - Assif and Associazione Festival del Fundraising decided that the Italian Fundraising Award, not to a single donor and a single fundraiser, but to all the Fundraisers and all the Donors who in 2020 believed in our country, in its professionalism and in its heart. And they believed in it so much that they supported it by helping it overcome its fragility. Making it strong and better.

"If there is one thing that the pandemic has taught us is that collaboration, empathy, solidarity are increasingly a winning and essential weapon to deal with even the most exceptional and unthinkable situations" - says the President of ASSIF, Nicola Bedogni, who continues - "And this year IFA has chosen to enhance this message in which the gift emerges as contagious itself and capable of spreading like a virus by positively contaminating the souls of those, donors and fundraisers, who have reacted to the emergency by confronting together with their hearts and creativity. ”

At this link you can download the video presentation of the Italian Fundraising Award 2020:

For information:

Fundraising Festival Association;

ASSIF Italian Fundraiser Association

President | Nicola Bedogni | [email protected] |

National Secretariat | Rosalba Pastena | [email protected] | 329 7833402

Press Office | Elisa Bonini | [email protected] | 333 6729563



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