Team Sofia Abourachid
Sofia Abourachid

Sofia Abourachid has a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science, International Relations and Human Rights, and a Master's Degree in International Relations: Diplomacy and International Organizations.

Politics, social, human rights, history and writing are the areas that interest her most.

She also has arab roots which, together with the mix of languages ​​and traditions, allow her to bring an extra touch to the Association.

She loves the political and social world not only in her studies but also in practice. In fact, she tries to contribute to voluntary activities of non-profit organizations or bodies that help those who need it. In the past, she volunteered at a Cooperative for the disabled who tried to place them in the social context of reference. She also volunteered in a nursing home, lending herself to weekly newspapers and discussions with users. She is still volunteering for an association that deals with Caritas and that aims to help families in need in Italy and in the Third World. They are all constructive experiences that mark and increase both those who give and those who receive.

Recently she completed the work of Customer Support Specialist and Communication & Social
Specialist at a Startup that deals with matching job supply and demand.

Even before, she had experience at the ACLI Milanesi, in the immigration office which allowed her to discover numerous territorial realities. Shortly before, she had an educational experience at the
Consulate of the Kingdom of Morocco, thus also deepening the skills and knowledge of the
diplomatic field.

Previously she worked as a secretary in a Chartered Accountant, helping in basic accounting. Even
before she had experiences in CAV; in Summer Recreation Centers and finally in repetitions and help in the study.

The authors part of Human Rights theme are: Elisa Capitani, Simona Destro Castaniti, Fabio Di Gioia, Francesca Oggiano, Rebecca Scaglia, Sara Scarano, Alice Stillone.

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