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Simona Sora

Simona Sora has Bachelor’s Degree in Modern Literature with a major in history and a Master Degree in Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology. In 2014 she volunteered in a pueblo in the Peruvian Andes, because she wanted to understand what it is like to be a stranger; in 2018 she returned to the same mountain chain, although in different national borders, in order to write her thesis about the relationship between Italian volunteers and Campesinos, or maybe just to research herself again.

She worked as a receptionist in a hostel in Portugal, as a waitress in Brescia, as a promoter on Garda lake and as a shopping assistant in Milan, and she have always kept her hears and eyes opened to see all the things around her.

When she will grow up, she would like to keep listening about people’s stories, to experience the world through their eyes; she would like to pursuit an other degree in something completely new, or maybe in something just a little different from her degrees. She loves studying and learning different subjects too. She would also like writing.

She always feels herself like a constantly evolving human being.

In “Mondo Internazionale” she writes articles in “TrattaMI Bene” project and she proofreads articles too.

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