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Margherita Camurri

Margherita Camurri is 19 years old and she is studying International Relations and Global Affairs, at the Catholic University of Sacred Hearth. She started to develop an interest for international relations thanks to her participation at MUN (Model United Nations), a project that simulates the work of the United Nations. 

Reading, travelling, and art are her main interests. Margherita graduated at a linguistic high school, where she deepened the study of English, Chinese and Spanish language and literature. Notably, she is passionate about the Chinese language, therefore, during high school, she decided to spend a semester in China. After this experience, she started to be interested in writing and journalism, as she felt she had to talk about this country, which is still unknown to many. Her aim is to give a small contribution to the fight against the unawareness deriving from misinformation. Writing has always been her secret wish, and now, thanks to Mondo Internazionale, she can make it come true, writing for the Asia section of the Framing the World project. 

As for the future, her ideas are not clear yet. What she knows is that she would like to deal with humanitarian issues and be able to give her contribution to the countries and to the people in need. She strongly believes that international cooperation is the key to fight the challenges that our world needs to face. 

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