Team Federico Quagliarini
Federico Quagliarini

Federico Quagliarini is a law student at Università degli Studi in Milan. His interests mainly focus on international law.

Together with his studies, he is commited to some association. He was part of ELSA Milano località board for two years where he was Vice President for Academic Activities during the last year. Besides he is memeber of Associazione degli Amici del Policlinico aming to promote blood donation.

He is involved in Mondo Internazionale with Legalytics, where he hopes to spred the legal acumen with passion and professionalism.

Authors part of the team of Society are: Gemma Bui, Davide Bertot, Chiara Calabria, Graziana Gigliuto, Francesco Marchesetti, Simona Destro Castaniti.

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