This new section born within the "TrattaMI Bene" project to dedicate space to minors: a category that, despite the need of protection and particular attention, often sees its rights denied.

Why the name "RAISE"?

For two reasons: the first is that its translation refers to growth and development, or rather the protagonists of this phase of life; the second is that the letters that make up the term can be linked to the following expression: "Researches on Adolescence and Childhood: Challenges in the Age of Development". In fact, this is the philosophy behind this new section.

The main objective is to deal with a series of issues concerning the 0-18 age group, presenting the most recent studies and discoveries in this area.

The section will deal with different aspects of the life of children and adolescents, such as their mental and physical health, the daily challenges they face during growth, the educational strategies that have achieved effective results, and much more.

On the one hand the parents, teachers, educators and the various reference figures of this type of user and on the other hand the young people, children and teenagers; everybody will be interested in the in-depth analysis of this initiative.

It is hoped that the contents proposed will meet the needs and curiosities of the readers, who re immediately invited to become active by writing to us to make requests, ask questions or give food for thought.

The Acdemy Team of "TrattaMI Bene" has decided to open up to this world. Publications, interactive activities, events and much more will bring young and old together.

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