Aila MI Risponde

Studying abroad can be an amazing experience, that enhances both your academic and personal development and has the possibility to change your life. Very often though, preparing for this event requires an incredible amount of energy and a very keen attention to detail, as the amount of work behind sending just one application to a foreign university can be really overwhelming. Mondo Internazionale, with the help of one of its associates who is now studying in Washington, DC, has decided to publish a how-to guide which is dedicated to anybody interested in studying in the United States of America: this project, called “Aila MI risponde”, is in fact aimed at helping students who wish to study in America, and it provides all the information you need to undertake this important step. In the next months we will tackle together several topics that are important to be familiar with before starting to apply: we will understand how higher education works in America, how to choose the program that fits you best, how and when is it right to apply, which exams (TOEFL, IELTS) you should take before sending your application, what bureaucratic procedures you should follow in order to get a student Visa, and finally how is student life and culture in the United States

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