Small villages, examples of respect for the nature

Sometimes we like to dream about living in a small village, stress-free, surrounded by nature but then, inevitably, we are sucked into the city and its daily chaos that can make our lives very stressful.

The small villages remain fascinating places and are suitable for all those who want to recharge with positive energy and nature, for anyone who wants to regain possession of quiet spaces dedicated to self-care, meditation.

Small villages are places where you can admire nature, rediscover slower rhythms of life and learn true respect for the environment through simple gestures that if we commit we can make our own even in the city. Chatting and getting together with loved ones is one of the small pleasures of the road that we have lost because of the rush, too many work commitments or study, for the hectic life that prevents you from stopping for a moment and catch your breath.

In small villages you can recover a bit of that human dimension and calmness that we hardly know anymore, by dint of losing ourselves in city life. Spending some time in contact with our own thoughts, our own sensations and enjoying them fully is a luxury that has been lost but that still survives in small villages, even if in a lesser degree than in the past.

To live in nature and really rediscover the sense of calm and tranquility, small villages are ideal.

But these enchanted villages run a serious risk of depopulation.

According to research on settlement discomfort, presented by Legambiente and Unioncamere, "There are as many as 2,666 villages in a difficult situation from the demographic and economic point of view; a quarter of the Italian surface area risks being left out of development opportunities. Small silent villages that rise from oblivion when disasters happen, such as the 2016 earthquake in Central Italy or the recent health emergency linked to the virus, or when politics decides to remember them, mainly on the occasion of projects dropped from above that allow to distribute, channeling them, public resources."

Beautiful places but far from the city, without stores, without essential services that allow to lead a dignified life, so it happens that these territories get abandoned. Those looking for work move to the city to have more chances to be hired, those who study are forced to stay in the city where there are schools and universities and eventually the small villages lose importance and slowly are left forever by their inhabitants and become places devoid of life.

In many villages the total lack of schools, job opportunities, places of aggregation and socialization makes young people run away and leads them to choose the city as a place to live, more comfortable and more versatile, with opportunities to meet. There are many villages that have been left without stores because the young people who could manage them have gone to live in the city.

But sometimes it is also the city that advances, with its suburbs that take away the peace and tranquility typical of small villages and make them unsafe, at risk of delinquency, at risk of absorbing all those problems of the big cities from which they were immune.

In conclusion, it would be necessary to listen to the inhabitants of small towns, to be closer to their needs, to be more attentive to their needs. To make young people want to stay in these enchanted places, it is necessary to give them opportunities to study and work, an efficient and inexpensive Internet network, punctual and active transportation services at multiple times, basic services because we cannot tell young people to love their country but then force them to drive miles to go shopping.

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    Valeria Fraquelli

    Sono una ragazza di trenta anni con Laurea triennale in Studi Internazionali e Laurea magistrale in Scienze del governo e dell'amministrazione.

    Ho fatto anche vari corsi post Laurea perchè non si finisce mai di imparare e io personalmente credo che rimanere sempre informati sia un dovere e un diritto per capire meglio come funziona il mondo che ci circonda.

    Adoro l'arte e la cultura e mi piace molto girare per mostre e musei. Mi piace anche viaggiare, il mondo è grande e tutto da scoprire con altre culture e altre tradizioni interessanti ed affascinanti.


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