The journey of dreams, collaborations and progress

The reports in this document are dedicated to the first anniversary of MI Nigeria. These reports are testimonials to one of the most hardworking team of professionals. Credit also goes to all the writers whose works brought on significant contribution to the effort in Nigeria. These people tell us how they have experienced the birth of a revolutionary movement that has the potential of helping millions of young people. The stories herein highlights how the team spared nothing since its inception combined invaluable skills, knowledge and dedication to create the best possible experience for young people. On behalf of the team I wish to thank the contributors for their messages and effort to grow the next biggest thing out of Africa. – Kneeyee Alex, president, Mondo Internazionale Nigeria.


By 2019, Feed University’s achievement with youth development were evidently magnificent, as it had trained dozens of high school leavers, with digital and entrepreneurial skills. As has been its dream and drive, our activities has set a whole generation of young people along profitable paths. So when the possibility of partnering with an organization, with similar visions and direction, appeared, we embraced it. Mondo Internazionale portfolio of success was likewise enviable. On the 15 th of September of 2019, the journey began. Though, without much outward glitz and glamour, we set out to work, eager to see the fruition of a shared idea: the birth of Mondo Internazionale Nigeria. Alex Ominyi, MI Nigeria’s President, and also president of Feed University geared the team on, as we sought to firstly, build a digital visibility for MI Nigeria before embarking on physical activities. Our Facebook page (before the unification of communication outlets) were frequently swarmed with salient entrepreneurial articles, and also coverage of Nigeria festivals, along with other notable happening around the continent. It was our way of establishing a connubial link between the Nigerian society and the ideologies, and as well hopes, of Mondo Internazionale. Few months into our partnership, the dream was solidifying, taken structural postures, and that was just the beginning of our progress.


Four months into the formation of MI Nigeria (Dec. 23, 2019), we had our first Break Ahead conference, where we gathered industry leaders, to discuss the advancement of their respective fields, and how they could foster partnership amongst their respective ecosystems and in doing so enable progress. In one lurch we brought non-profit organizations – largely to share the dynamism of their strategies – and also the leadership of for-profit industries.

  • On February 20 th , 2020 we took another leap at the sun. With the same central theme as the previous edition of Break Ahead, the discussions were on “Advancing Lagos THEMES”. On the panel were three of Mondo Nigeria’s Associates: Efemuaye Fagbeja, Director, External Communication; Debola Omotayo Owolabi, Director, Media Relations; Kikelomo Opatola, Director, Public Health Programs.
  • “‘Ecosystem building and innovation Practices’ that will open up borders…”. This phrase had in them prophetic scintillations, as was used in the digital flyers for Break Ahead’s second conference for the year (July 6, 2020). The Breakahead summit brought five entrepreneurial leaders from four countries, to a common table, discussing local and global ecosystem, and innovation practices. Breakahead facilitates an international discussion where leaders exchange ideas and share expertise further fostering the conversations on how they are creating a change in their ecosystems had Co-founder and President, Michele Pavan featured as one of the speakers to share on the role of Mondo Internazionale in the area of International cooperation alongside leaders from the following respective countries; United States, Macedonia, Italy, and Nigeria. The virtual discussion brought on country directors and leaders to share ideas on enabling growth through ecosystems and the practice of innovation.


The message was clear: reduce, if not totally exterminate skin related problems in the country. Such skin issues arise from sheer ignorance and the nonchalance with regards the care of our skin. There are innumerable numbers of children, women and even men, who on daily bases hawk beneath the sun, which greatly affects their skin textures. The message of eradicating poor skincare culture had its relevance especially in the areas bordering on personal responsibilities: washing of hands, don’t touch your face and wear a nose mask as proposed during the corona outbreak. SKINSTITUTE (Skin health care academy) launched amidst the uncertainties brought forward by the deadly virus. Whatsapp classes were an instant success. An introductory approach led by a derma-emotion therapist was widely embraced and the expertly designed virtual training gathered interesting feedback. Our short courses enable us to run young people through a short sharp curriculum geared towards certifying them in the same field (derma-therapy). The industry demand is high but the supply side is small, so the next step would be to train more people in this area and as well diversify into classes on formulations of cosmetology products. We look forward to strengthening this campaign by finding and working with relevant partners in these areas. 

Few weeks into SKINTERVENTION2020 CONFERENCE, (March 19, 2020) the news of Coronavirus had hit town and our own contemplation was may-be it would affect the scheduled gathering. At a time when the panic was citywide, hosting the event suffered a technical challenge: public health measures were underway and the fear of in-person gathering persisted. It took courage for our team to have not cancelled the stated event in the University of Lagos. But of course while the event was a success, subsequent reach out program halted.


African women are an epitome of strength, and Nigerian women are a special breed of the African woman. In spite of a culture that is pitted against women in the most mundane of ways, many everyday women are rising above the challenges of bias and inadequacy to create ecosystems that make life easier for themselves and for others, and these stories need to be told.

This year, we decided to start gathering the stories of women who are changing the Nigerian ecosystem not just for themselves but for others. The two endeavours that we felt could capture the passion of these women are Entrepreneurship and Social Work, and the criteria for choosing was that these women had to be not-so-popular especially on social media, but making a great impact in their individual communities. We believe that there are several women who may not be well-known, but are doing remarkable things that need to be showcased to the world.

In July, Efe Fagbeja, the Pioneer of the initiative Designer by Accident, published a book: FIVE RELATIONSHIP MISTAKES GOOD GIRLS MAKE a book that helps young women find peace and fulfillment in their romantic relationships. The book was reviewed by BreakAhead’s reviewers, and then there was a subsequent Zoom meeting.


Western perceptions of Africa are primitive, and largely so, because of the poverty of alternatives. And while, both the western and local media would rather sell the most mundane purview of the continent Mondo Internazionale wholeheartedly chooses to use the periscope of storytelling and digital reportage on the beauty of Africa’s habitats, her culture and art. This is one project that is gradually taking form in our coverage of Artists, their progresses and ambitions, in heart of the commercial city, Lagos. (you can find this in our soon to be published article tagged: AFRICA’S CREATIVE JUNGLE)

We believe in young people.
They are central to our mission.
Young people are the rising generation of decision makers who also need to navigate the Mondo Internazionale platform and make sense of a rapidly changing society.

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