Water: a powerful ally for sporty individuals

Too often people doing sport forget to pay attention to a fundamental aliment for a great perfomance.

You are probably wondering: is water an aliment?

Well, yes!

It is precisely for the importance that it assumes, not only in the sport field but in everyday life, that water has been defined as an aliment.

Talking of physical activity specifically, correct hydration remains the winning key to improve sport performance, in the same way as an appropriate energy intake.

Let's see why.

During physical activity, through muscle contractions, we produce heat.

Our organism sweats in order to not overheat, which inevitably leads to liquid loss.

These liquids have to be replenished so that we do not incur dehydration.

How can we do that?

Drinking water before, during and after physical activity.

It doesn't seem like that but dehydration is the principal responsible of unpleasant events which every sporty subjects suffered at least once in a lifetime, such as a sense of fatigue, decreasing performance and cramps.

Cramps are not caused by the absence of minerals as we are used to think, but they are caused by dehydration!

For this reason, it is of essential importance for the athlete to recognise its signs prematurely, like: dark urine, low urinary volume, reduced sweating, cramps, accelerated heartbeat, headache, sense of cold and nausea.

Not urinating for 4/5 hours is a sign of dehydration and it is better to pay attention to that.

Sport often requires a personalised hydration plan, in order to cover the requests of an organism which is in great movement.

We said that during physical activity it is important to drink water.

What about minerals?

Sweating leads to sodium and chlorine loss in 45/60 minutes since the beginning of physical activity.

Sodium and Chlorine (in chemistry NA and Cl) are the elements of a seasoning we all have at home: salt (in chemistry NaCl).

In order to replenish those minerals that we lose, it is sufficient to consume, after physical activity, a balanced meal containing salt, there is no need to assume nutritional supplements.

The only exception consists of professional athletes who pratice sport at great intensity beside frequency and duration, for this reason they could need particular integration.

Since there is no need to assimilate minerals during common physical activity, the drink for excellence still remains water.

It is useless to substitute it with other kind of drinks.

How should you drink it?

In small sips.

Water drank in great quantity and in one go is less absorbed from our organism and consequently, it is easily removed.

As a result of it, there are a lot of annoyances for the sporty individual who does not hydrate correctly and he is forced to urinate more often.

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Water: a powerful ally for sporty individuals

Francesca Locatelli
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