The European Commission

How it works and what's its function

The European Commission promotes EU interests, and it has a five-years  mandate. Its main characteristic is that Commission officers are chosen according to their skills, and they operate independently from their home countries. The European Commission is elected by the European Council, through a specific processes involving other institutions intervention: there is, therefore, a huge difference between national governments and the Commission. These last is often indicated as the EU executive body, but it isn’t; its composition and its powers don’t correspond executive ones. The Commission undertakes initiatives to promote EU general interest, and it grants the application of Treaties and measures adopted by European Institutions; also, it performs coordination, execution and management duties. European legislative acts are purposed by the Commission, unless otherwise provided by Treaties.
The President of the European Commission in Jsan Claude Junker, and its headquarter is in Brussels.
Candidates to the Commission presidency are presented by national leaders in the European Council, who take account of the results f the European Parliament elections; the candidate must obtain the approval of the majority of European Parliament members. The current Commission mandate comes to an end on 31 October 2019. It is possible that Commission is dissolved in advance in case of a censure motion, that is a vote expressed by a majority of Parliament likely to cause the collective resignation of the Commission.
The high Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs is Federica Mogherini,  who is the Vice-President of the Commission.    

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    Martina Oneta

    Martina Oneta, classe '96. Studentessa di Scienze internazionali e istituzioni europee presso l'Università degli Studi di Milano. Punto fermo della politica sul territorio lombardo, fa parte del progetto " Pausa Caffè " che porta i rappresentanti dei vari partiti a parlare di politica nelle scuole bergamasche.


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