The fields of application of Artificial Intelligence.

As anticipated last week, in today’s article we will focus on a more practical side of Artificial Intelligence, verifying the potential fields of application of AI both in Italy and in the world.

In recent years, an increasing number of very important companies have decided to invest large sums in AI to introduce it in their working reality; such companies are for example Facebook, Apple, Amazon and other of similar caliber.

The fields that present the highest number of activities are the following:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Health
  • Public safety

In the sales field, the contribution of AI has already shown various interesting results; these have been achieved thanks to the use of the so called “expert systems”, i.e. systems capable of reproducing performances of an individual expert in a certain field. This type of system is particularly suitable in the Commercial Configurators, systems that have the task of simplifying the choice of a certain good that is to be purchased. In any case, this process is not always immediate, particularly when there are many variables involved.

For what relates to the Marketing field, we can refer to situations that have become part of our daily life. This is the case, for example, of virtual assistants such as Siri, Cortana or Alexa, useful for companies to learn habits and behaviors of the users; this is a real-time analysis of a number of information, that allow to understand what people’s needs are. The purpose is to improve customer care and to create (and fine-tune) engagement mechanisms with activities that may get to predict purchasing behaviors, based on which companies can develop communication strategies and proposals of services.

Introducing AI in the health field may lead to major innovations, above all in the field of detection of cancer and rare diseases. As of today, there are already existing cognitive systems that can analyze data at a speed unreachable for human beings, thanks to which they can accelerate the processes of detection of rare diseases as well as suggest optimal treatment paths for tumors or other specific diseases. In addition to this, virtual assistants are increasingly used in operating rooms, to support reception staff or to help the first aid personnel.

Lastly, in regard to public safety, the introduction of AI allows to analyze a huge amount of data while studying events, habits, behaviors, attitudes, systems, data related to geolocation and to the monitoring of movements of individuals and objects. This has potential role in the improvement of public safety, for example in the prevention of crimes in big cities or in the prevention and management of crisis in the event of natural disasters.

As outlined above, the use of AI can lead to streamlining the management in many different fields but also to innovations that are of the outmost importance and interest for the whole world. It is therefore fundamental for the research in this field to continue so that it can bring the results we all hope for.

Original version of: Matteo Bergamini

Translated by: Elena Briasco

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The fields of application of Artificial Intelligence.

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