If you think young people are the future,
If knowledge is culture and awareness,
If ambition is fulfilment.

Supporting Mondo Internazionale means supporting a young reality, created by young people who, looking at the world with a critical eye, want to bring innovation and improvement to the reality that surrounds us.

Thanks to a wide social action we involve our Associates, in Italy and all over the world, in training, information, sustainable development and research projects allowing them to make good use of the knowledge acquired during their academic path and, at the same time, to give a personal contribution in research and innovation. Our operational field varies from ecology, sustainability, medical research, human rights and international cooperation to political- economic and international analysis thanks to the peculiarities and background of each member.

Thanks to your support, we will be able to expand our horizons, developing practical cutting activities, entering into the heart of society and bringing innovation to the field.

It is possible to consult the projects already under development on our Projects page Mondo Internazionale Academy and Mondo Internazionale Hub

For more information do not hesitate to write to: [email protected]

from the bottom of our hearts for believing, like us, in Mondo Internazionale.

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