The Dŏmĭna Column, from the Latin Donna, was born within the "TrattaMI Bene" project, from the ambition, the desire for inspiration, the charm to follow in the footsteps of all the women who had a particular interest and role in importance in our society. Dŏmĭna represented the dominant figure among the "ladies" of the past and makes strength, tenacity and the ability to overcome adversity, her strengths.

The Dŏmĭna column was born not only from the desire to give voice to the female contribution, which has been fundamental from antiquity to the present day, but also from the duty to spread their knowledge.

This section is dedicated to all those female individuals who have contributed to the scientific, technological, political, social and cultural development of human civilization; to those women who brought significant changes to the whole community.

Throughout history, the prejudice that men should have an intellect superior to women has prevailed. To date it has been proven, even scientifically, that certain statements have no basis. Women all over the world have confirmed that intellectual abilities are not a monopoly on the male sex.

Dŏmĭna aims to remember, through its publications, stories from all eras up to the present one. It is hoped that the column will honour these talented female personalities and will inspire many other women to take them as an example to achieve their goals.

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