Wave Rock

Culturalmente Imparando

The “Wave Rock” is a natural rock formation located in Western Australia. Right in the famous land of surfers, there is this particular formation that recalls a gigantic ocean wave ready to break. This natural spectacle, 15 meters high and about 110 meters long, forms the northern side of a hill known as “Hyden Rock”. This hill, made up of inselberg granite, is located about 3 km east from the small town of Hyden and 296 km from the famous city of Perth. Wave Rock and Hyden Rock are part of the “Hyden Wildlife Park”, a 160 hectare natural reserve, considered one of the many beautiful and particular places in Australia!

Atmospheric agents erosion has shaped the layers of the rock for decades, until it took on this characteristic aspect. Its warm and intense colors, of which the vertical stripes are composed, have accumulated thanks to the water of active springs which, during some months, flow along the walls, depositing carbonate and hydroxide chemicals in the granite iron. Its incredibile colors, mostly ocher, gray and red, create different light compositions, depending on day times and seasons.

The rocky structure could be one of Australia’s oldest formations. In 1960 some of its crystals have been examined and scientits dated this wonder back to 2,7 bilion of years ago! It is believed that is was originally buried under ground and, following the erosion of the granite, it would have emerged with all its grandeur.

Firstily used as a sacred place for Aboriginal culture, it was soon avoided by them, maybe for some legends or for the excessive dryness of the region in which it is located. Near Wave Rock there are other interesting geological formations: the “Magic Lake”, the “Yawn of hippo” and the Mulka cave, with Aboriginal rock art. Furthermore, in the park, it is possible to meet the most varied endemic flora and fauna types of the whole continent.

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