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The Shinrin-yoku is a widespread Japanese therapeutic technique that takes place in direct contact with nature. The term means literally “forest bathing”. It represents a fascinating practice widespread in the alternative Japanese medicine.

As shown by scientific studies carried out since the ‘80s, Shinrin-yoku is en efficient method which provides several benefits to the health of the organism. That’s anything extremely specific: the expression “forest bathing” means any permanence in a natural environment with many trees, like forests or parks. More than a forest bathing it’s about breath its atmosphere. In 2010 it has been discovered that this activity helps to increase immune system, thanks to fitoncides present in the tree bark. Among the benefits due to them we find the decrease of the heart rate, of the blood pressure and of the stress. This activity has been also recognized as a fruitful cure of depression and today it’s indeed subsidized by the Japanese national health system and investigated in medical university studies, within it has been established a real branch of research called “Forest Medicine”.

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