Culturalmente Imparando

Fashions and innovations often upset customs, traditions, objects and behaviors that for a long time have marked the features of civilizations and peoples.

In a world that is increasingly connected, increasingly exposed and directly influenced by global trends, it is rare to encounter signs of ancient existence, still used, loved and lived today.

This is the case of Gher, the typical Mongolian house that already from 3.000 B.C. shines, with its bright whitish color, in the middle of the steppe.

The circular wooden grate, called Hana, located in the center of the small house, is the nerve center of the simple and fascinating architecture that supports the hut. In its 20 square meters of surface, between toono (upper shell from which the chimney comes out) and bagana (T-columns that support the structure), the Gher boasts excellent protection from the cold, thanks to the waterproof leathers and the felt that they cover it. The positioning of the non-random khalga (entrance door) towards the south allows a rich circulation of hot air from the Gobi desert.

Its warm colors, ancient scents and colorful carpets form the backdrop to a universe of contact between the remote signs of a glorious past and globalized modernity: it is not uncommon to find a polaroid abandoned to itself next to a dusty buddha.

Passed through the tales of Herodotus until having covered the role of a fundamental stop for travelers heading east, the Gher is not just a simple home. Inside, the most traditional rituals are still alive: nefarious objects are forbidden, men on the left and women on the right and attention to hit the threshold, is a sign of bad luck!

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