Gentse Feesten

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Gentse Feesten (in English, the Ghent Festival) is the biggest cultural event in the world. It is celebrated every year in the Belgian city of Ghent since 21st July (Belgian national day) and it lasts ten days. In this period of time, the streets of the centre are closed to traffic to allow visitors to move freely along the streets of the city, where they can meet various street artists, music and theatrical shows and stands.

The festival borns in 1843, and in that year, it hosted around 400 participants. Today it reaches around 2 million of people every year, making it the biggest cultural festival of all the world.

The Gentse Feesten is articulated in various main events: the Blue Note Festival, now called “Gent Jazz Festival”, represents the main musical event of all the celebration. This big jazz music festival, which initially took place near the Castle of Counts, now is held entirely in Abbey of Byloke; the MiramirO, which is the Street Theatre Festival: in some of the best known places of the city, like the Spaanskasteelplein or the Sint-Baafssite, is possible to attend to a series of outdoor shows; and the Puppetbuskersfestival (International Puppet Festival), with puppets exhibitions very original. To these are added other shows and exhibitions very characteristics, such as the Ten Days Off, event born in 1995 related to electronic music, and the several art exhibitions in the main museums of the city, like the STAM and the Museum of Fine Arts.

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