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Consonno is a little town in the province of Lecco, Italy, and its story is very particular. In fact, this little village, which until sixty years ago was a rural hamlet, today is a real “ghost city”. To get there, indeed, you have to drive a steep climb which pass through a wood, entrance door of this surreal world. In fact, Consonno isn’t only an uninhabited and abandoned city, but also a real sci-fi scenery.

An eccentric Italian industrialist, the Count Mario Bagno, purchased the village in 1962. He wanted to transform this place surrounded by nature in a sort of “Brianza’s Las Vegas”. A den of iniquity, gambling and fun. Bagno ordered the construction of buildings with strange shape, shopping arcades in Arabic style with a minaret, a Chinese pagoda, a Medieval-style castle, a dance-hall and even a typical Vegas luxury hotel.

However, in 1976, a destructive mudslide made Consonno almost unreachable, isolating it from the tourists. Since that moment the city is uninhabited, even if an association called “Gli Amici di Consonno” (“Friends of Consonno”) has born to rise the village from the ashes. For this reason every year, from Easter Monday to October, the Lombard town is open to visitors and every Sunday is filled with people.

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