Coney Island Polar Bear Club

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Coney Island Polar Bear Club is an american bathing organization born 1903, thing that makes it the eldest one in the USA.

Founded by the famous health advocate Bernarr McFadden, this institution became renowned all over the world due to its main event: the New Year’s Day Bath in the Atlantic Ocean. This event collects in the peninsular neighborhood of Coney Island in Brooklin (New York) participants and onlookers from around the country. Participants, ready to run through the icy waters of the ocean, immerse themselves on the Chief Polar Bear’s mark, who blows a conch shell to gather them before they run.

But not only in New Year’s Day: club members swim through Coney Island’s icy waters every Sunday from November through April.

Since 2005 the event started various campaigns to raise funds: from the Special Olympics until arrive, in 2018, to partnering with the Alliance for Coney Island to raise funds for local nonprofit organizations.

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