Fairy Chimneys

Culturalmente Imparando

The so-called Fairy Chimneys are wonderful natural creations that can be admired in the Turkish region of Cappadocia. Derived from the joint action of the Erciyes and Hasan volcanoes and the currents affecting this fairytale region, the Fairy Chimneys are pyramids of lava rock with a conical shape, characterized by a more tender and friable internal layer and a harder external cover.

During the typical hot air balloon festival, which attracts tourists from all over the world every year, you can admire this authentic beauty of nature and dive headlong into its fantastic legends.

It is precisely in the Goreme natural park where the legend from which the name of these pyramids derives is narrated: their pointed points represent the ancient chimneys of the houses built by fairy-tale creatures, such as gnomes and, of course, fairies.

But it is not the only legend that hovers around these creations. The Zelve natural park, in fact, has a completely different legend regarding the birth of the Chimneys. In fact, they would be nothing more than the concrete realization of the desire of a prophet who was fleeing precisely for those areas: chased by dozens of soldiers, he prayed to God to transform him into a bird, to be able to fly away from the enemies, and at the same time to transform the latter into rock.

After all, the theme of persecution is not so far from what were actually the first physical incursions into the Fairy Chimneys. In fact, they were a real refuge for Christians who were victims of the first great persecutions.

The presence of the spiers on the external facades of the Fairy Chimneys is another somewhat incredible natural phenomenon. This formation, in fact, is created when the underlying soil is very friable. Even the frequent presence of a large boulder on the top of the pyramid is no accident: it allows the structure to hold up, protecting it from moisture and allowing it to remain dry.

Today transformed into hotels and museums, the Cappadocia Fairy Chimneys attract many tourists every year who inevitably remain open-mouthed in front of a show that, depending on the season, totally changes its face while maintaining its fairytale soul.

Even in Italy it is possible to meet these wonders of nature. Renon, near Bolzano, and Merano are two clear examples of Made in Italy fairy chimneys.


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