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The theme faced today by Culturalamente Imparando tries to combine the usual search for particularities from all corners of the world with a really important topic: the one related to food waste.

In particular, today we will fly to China, where a small company has decided to enter the fruit and vegetable market to counter the waste of fruit in a very curious, nice and innovative way.

But let's take a look at the situation: the fruit and vegetable market is among those that suffer the most waste. In Europe, more than 30% of the fruit does not even reach the shelves because it is labeled "ugly" (despite experience teaches that often the ugly things are also the most appetizing).

This is the reasoning behind the Third Millennium market: prevalence of fruit and vegetables with more aesthetic shapes and colors, which will catch the attentive eye of the customer. This stance towards products causes about 500 million tons of waste.

For this series of reasons, the Chinese company in question has created a series of molds with different shapes and sizes to "make" extravagant fruits and oddly curved vegetables.

Buddha-shaped pears, cubic watermelons and "cucumber hearts" are some of the countless fantasies that characterize this idea.

It is therefore not a question of genetic manipulation but of a simple and available to everyone. When the fruit is still young and its consistency is malleable, it is inserted inside the mold until it reaches the predetermined shape once ripe.

In China these "Bizarre Fruits" have already reached supermarkets and the possibility of shipping the molds all over the world allows many other farmers to create their "works of art".


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