28 January 2020

Appointment of Dr. Mattia Carlin, Vice - Honorary President of Mondo Internazionale

The Association Mondo Internazionale, based in Gallarate, Lombardy, was founded in 2017 with the aim of building a bright future for the younger generations both nationally and internationally. It is based on the values of internationalisation, multidisciplinarity, multiculturalism, personal fulfilment, innovation and, above all, cooperation. Its maturity as an international reality, given the presence of associates in many countries and following the recent opening of further independent associations in Africa - Cameroon, Nigeria and Côte d'Ivoire - bears witness to the desire to build bridges between cultures and societies.

In virtue of this objective, we are very pleased to announce that Dr. Mattia Carlin has been appointed as Honorary Vice President of Mondo Internazionale. Mattia Carlin is Advisor of the Fondazione Italia Giappone headquartered at the Farnesina, Vice -President of the Unione Consoli Onorari in Italia -UCOI and of the Associazione Nazionale Giovani Innovatori -ANGI, as well as with twenty years of experience in scouting and business, in recognition of his excellence in the field of public and cultural diplomacy, in particular in support of the activities of young people, innovation and art in Italy and in the world.

The title of Vice - Honorary President delegates him to the representation of the Association with public and private institutions and bodies, in Italy and abroad, starting an important new phase for Mondo Internazionale. An opportunity to weave new national and international ties to support activities of public interest for young people and the development of public and cultural diplomacy.

"I thank Mondo Internazionale for the esteem shown to me that I hope to honor concretely. Stimulating the being and doing of the many young people of quality to measure the rhythmic pulsations of the planet and amplify its sound with significant actions for the good of others, safeguarding differences without ever falling into the abyss of emptiness".

Dr. Mattia Carlin

Mondo Internazionale was founded by Dr. Michele Pavan, Dott. Stefano Sartorio and Dr. Andrea Maria Vassallo, graduated in International Relations - curriculum Diplomacy and International Organizations. Dr. Pavan is specialized in international security, in particular with regard to crisis prevention in Africa and the Middle East in the diplomatic and defence sector. Dr. Sartorio, instead, is specialized in Chinese history, society and foreign policy, in particular in relations with the European Union and in Cyber security. Dr. Vassallo specializes in energy security and international relations in Eastern Europe. The members of the Association are all young undergraduates and recent graduates in different fields ranging from medicine to international relations, passing through law, economics and psychology.

The Association has organized itself by choosing a clear and rigorous structure, composed of a Steering Committee and a Secretariat. The latter is divided into Administration teams: External Relations, Legal Consultancy, Strategic Planning, Communication, Logistics, Human Resources and Treasury. To complete the organizational chart, there are two different management teams subordinate to and in cooperation with the activities of the Secretariat: the Chief Operating Officer, composed of a proofreading and translation team and a General Director to which all the active projects of the Association report.

The Association Mondo Internazionale is also operationally divided into three divisions:

Mondo Internazionale Academy, Mondo Internazionale Hub and Mondo Internazionale
Company, respectively dedicated to training and information; research and
innovation; internationalisation consultancy to public and private companies and bodies.

With this further step, the Association reiterates its intention and conviction that it wants to
contribute positively to the development of young people and their equally positive impact
in society, both national and international.

The Head of External Affairs,
Dott.ssa Valentina Foscoli

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