24 September 2019

Let's start with "Sustainable Life"

Mondo Internazionale is pleased to announce its strong support and commitment to the concept of well-being in a broad sense within the framework of “Sustainable Life”.

The goal is therefore not only focused on the environment, but also on the individual, contributing to the development of a sustainable and green environment.

The Association believes that these aspects are included, promoted and best protected in concepts and initiatives such as the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Smart Cities (Smart Cities).

Through this project the intent of Mondo Internazionale is to highlight their relevance and try to contribute to the achievement of their goals as we consider them fundamental for the creation of a resilient society and world. This in order to tackle at a root level inequality, poverty and climate change.

These are all elements that undermine the stability of countries, the proper functioning of the basic structure of social coexistence and contribute to the outbreak of crises and conflicts.

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