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‘At the moment we understand and feel our limited beliefs, we can start working to go beyond them’.

Reinout Bosman is live in Florence, Italy and works in various part of the world. After graduating in the field of International Business Communication (BA) and Intercultural Communication and Management (MA) he got to a point where he felt deluded and a true loser after having lost an investment and not knowing what he actually wanted to do in life. In 2017, his career really took off, when he followed his heart and arrived in Italy with only 1.000 euros in his pocket, jumping into the unknown. 

Today Reinout teaches, inspires and wakes up peoples truest potential by lecturing in Public Speaking, Softskills and intrapersonal communication. In the past years he met more than 3.500 international students and (young) professionals from all walks of life and different cultural backgrounds whilst teaching in private institutes and business schools and in political and corporate environment.  

I believe we all can make a difference, small or big, for every child and every human being to let them flourish. This is where I am committed to’.

Next to his speaking and teaching route, Reinout is a semi-professional Tenor singer and brings his stage experience into the class rooms to let his participants experience breath use, voice use and body language to engage, move and inspire. Thanks to his 95 year old Maestro, who was a colleague of Luciano Pavarotti, he had the opportunity to sing during the international inauguration of the Milano Design Week 2019. 

The year 2020 started with a professional and personal milestone when Reinout delivered a speech at the United Nations about resilience for children in trying circumstances. He represents RainbowTree International - a charity organisation that has been going for 28 years in the Netherlands and calls on the resilience of children facing sickness or other traumatic experiences. Over 100.000 children have benefitted from this vision. He is proud to be their ambassador and spokesman.

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