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The first Digital Nomad town is located in Meina, Italy right at the Lago Maggiore surrounded by mountains.

The Digital Nomad Town provides everything that a digital nomad desires and requires

By 2035 it is predicted that there will be 1 billion digital nomads, people that work from anywhere and travel, in the world. The Digital Nomad Town is a concept that serves this trend and lifestyle. It challenges the high priced European places that offer co-living and co-working so that digital nomads have choices in Europe instead of leaving for non-European countries such as Bali. Whilst offering accommodation and work space as well as activities it is focussing on rural areas that need a bit of help to be revived avoiding depopulation.

A close collaboration has developed between Mondo Internazionale and Digital Nomad Town that sees the realization of numerous projects in order to pursue common goals. We are eager to present Digital Nomad Town which was born with the aim of facilitating the development of a Digital Nomad center in Meina, in Piedmont, a town on Lake Maggiore.

The first Digital Nomad town will open its doors this year in Meina, Italy right at the Lago Maggiore surrounded by mountains and close to Milan and its airport.

The Digital Nomads. Who are they.

A digital nomad is a person who works from a location of his choice, travelling and often sets his own schedule. Their work is online, so all they need is a laptop and internet. With evolving technology the working environment/location is changing and becomes more independent supporting that kind of lifestyle. Digitaln Nomadism is an ongoing increasing trend and there will be approx. 1 billion by 2035. Being a Digital Nomad brings lots of benefits such as flexible costs, less living costs (depending on country) and becoming more productive. More and more websites, conferences etc. are created to support and connect digital nomads all over the world. There is a need to create more products/services and offerings for digital nomads – especially in Europe. This is where the Digital Nomad Town comes in!

The birth of the Project

It all started in 2017 in Sardinia when Christine Michaelis, the founder of the Digital Nomad Town, went there for volunteering in a small, rural town. She experienced first hand the depopulation of a beautiful area in the country she loves and wanted to help. She quickly came up with the concept for a Digital Nomad Town in rural areas to help repopulating them. Unfortunately the local team in Sardinia has decided to actually leave the little town for personal circumstances so Christine had no choice but to look for a new first Digital Nomad Town.

Why Meina?

In summer 2018 Christine was invited to the Giffoni Festival to be part of a digital nomad panel where she talked about the concept of the Digital Nomad Town to young people from around the globe. And in the audience was Viviana Guenzi from the Meina Innovation Hub. She instantly loved the concept and kept it in mind for her hometown Meina at the Lago Maggiore in Italy. In April 2018 Christine and Viviana met up in Sweden to discuss the Digital Nomad Town. Just in time after Christine decided not to go ahead in Sardinia. They instantly clicked not only as business partners but also friends. And the first Digital Nomad Town was reborn in Meina.

The mission of Digital Nomad Towns
The mission is to create sustainable, self-sustaining communies in across the globe with new job opportunities and new people to revive depolutating areas. To reach this goal, a Digital Nomad Town offers everything that digital nomads needs. Digital Nomad Towns involve the local communities for a sustainable development of the local economy and fulfill UN Sustainable Development goals.

What the Digital Nomad Town offers
The Digital Nomad Town is a place to relax, connect and work. It offers everything that a digital nomad desires and requires. Co-Living spaces with private rooms, co-working space and fast WiFi are the basics that are covered. But that’s not all! Activities to keep your stay interesting all year round are offered. For example activities on the lake such as the sailing club, SUP, skiing and ice climbing in the Alps, hiking in the surrounding areas, the Meina swimming pool, a gym, Italian cooking classes and language lessons, live music, start-up and marketing support and other local activities such as wine and olive harvesting and much more!
Some of the accommodation is ready to be booked but all of them will be ready by November/December 2019 – just in time for spending Christmas in a lovely lake town in Italy!

Meina, the first Digital Nomad Town of the world
Meina is located at the beautiful Lago Maggiore. It is a small town that has a local community all year round, but is more lively during the Summer time with tourists that arrive from all over the world – attracted by the beauty of the lake. Its beauty is not only attracting jet setters but also entrepreneurs and Italian Politicians. Personalities such as Walt Disney, Thomas Mann and Ernest Hemingway have come to see the Villa Mondadori, recently acquired by Donatella Versace.
Meina offers all essential services for digital nomads, for example a bank, a post office, shops and on the other side co-living and co-working. A new Cultural Centre has recently been opened at Meina with a library, dedicated co-working space with free wi-fi and a conference room.
Meina offers also a series of activities at the Lake such as a sailing club, SUP, skiing and ice climbing in the Alps, excursions in close by areas, a swimming pool, a gym, Italian and cooking lessons, live music, start-up and marketing support and other local activities such as wine and olive making and much more!
Milan, the city for business, is directly reachable within 40 minutes by train. The Fashion Week, the Salone del Mobile, international fairs and exhibitions as well as museums and concerts can be reached in short time. Meina is also very close to Turin and the vineyards of Piedmont such as Barbaresco, Barolo where, every year, the best knows festival Collisioni and Alba happen with its world famous truffle. Meina is the perfect base to also reach the sea of Linguia, Lae Como or Switzerland within an hour.

About the founders

The founder of the Digital Nomad Town, Christine Michaelis, is the Marketing and Creative Start-Up Coach,, digital nomad, author of multiple books, public speaker and workshop facilitator. She has worked in marketing and advertising for more than 13 years before she started her own business. She has worked with start-up students at universities throughout Europe as well as individuals and small businesses. With her hand-on approach, she has helped hundreds of individuals validating their business idea and creating a successful business. She is also the Vice President of the European Startup Association.

Viviana Guenzi from the Meina Innovation Hub an unusual banker, extremely passionate about finance and innovation. Her experience in sharing economy started in 2015, when she rented her houses on Airbnb for the first time. She then offered cooking classes to foreigners. In 2018, she launched Meina Innovation Hub, a concept based on technology and innovation training for young people. The first project, based on long-life learning, was launched in partnership with digiTECA team in 2019.

Christine Michaelis

e-mail: hello@digitalnomadtown.com
Mobile: 0044 742 68 79 203

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