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Associazione ScuolaImpresa

Take the "i" of the italian "impresa" (enterprise), turn it upside down and put it next to the "s" of "school": what you will get is not just a game, a logo, an expedient to attract the eye.

Not at all.

What you will get is an authentic and sincere "S!" (yes) - affirmative, exclamatory, who is not afraid to accept challenges, who is not afraid of difficulties, who considers both the School and the Company not as a duty to be fulfilled in some way, but as an opening. Not as something to be made more digestible and bearable, but a real resource.

An emblem, therefore, that is not only an emblem, but a real vocation, a certainty, a declaration of intent: only by opening up to the new, with all the difficulties that will follow, can the School be given meaning I practice the business and the business the critical sense of the school.

ScuolaImpresa, in fact.

The collaboration between Mondo Internazionale and ScuolaImpresa has been developing since the birth of our Association, immediately addressed to young people eager to carry out unique experiences across the ocean. Thus, the collaboration with the Intership S.H.R.O. - Sbarro Health Research Organization, contained in the broader project of Mondo Internazionale called Tra Scienza e Conoscenza.

ScuolaImpresa was founded in 2005 with the aim of providing young people in secondary school with an innovative training experience to combine knowledge and know-how by orienting students' aspirations and opening up teaching and learning to the outside world.

Thirteen years of activity put into play for a guided orientation in search of the charm of a profession, of knowledge, of travel, to then connect emotions, memories and knowledge in a unique personal growth.

Thirteen years of activity put into play to train young people in the ethics of responsibility and work, in the culture of work itself as the cornerstone of active citizenship.

Thirteen years of activities put into play in the design and implementation of experimental courses, entrusting these courses with strategic importance both to develop skills, support school success and enhance excellence, and to offer students experiences with high motivational and training value characterized by innovation.

Going through unexplored situations, moving steps where you have never been, the mind takes on information. The pleasure of discovery opens the soul and it does not matter which paths knowledge will dive into.

Every single fragment acquired will be useful for the construction of tomorrow.

The soul of ScuolaImpresa is to pursue an ideal and unitary but, at the same time, concrete project in the sense that it has the ambition to offer a solution to a discomfort and a void in school education; in other words, ScuolaImpresa pursues a methodology of knowledge that the reality and the social, educational, economic and working context today made necessary: ​​if in the past it was quite obvious that in people's lives there were two clearly separate phases, that of study and that of work, today we are witnessing a change in which these "phases" of life overlap and intersect.


Via Magenta 3, 21013,
Gallarate (VA)
C.F./P.I. 91057560129

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