Logo Associazione per i Diritti Umani
Associazione per i Diritti Umani

The Associazione per i Diritti Umani was born following the experience with the website www.peridirittiumani.com which aims to protect and support that "we" to whom we want to give voice.

Diritti Umani (Human Rights) because the wesite speaks of everyone's rights: men, women, children, the elderly, young people, without any distinction. Rights are not and must never be separated from duties, with respect for others, with respect for life.

The blue color of the logo is reminiscent of the air, a "flying high" with critical thinking and the possibility of traveling perhaps even while standing still. A logo, for us, elegant and incisive that, we hope, will bring us luck also in the continuation of this adventure: we said, in fact, that we are only at the beginning because, we also constituted ourselves as a cultural association that aims, to organize meetings, conferences, themed reviews, on the points listed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

A project that we hope will interest more and more people: because it is precisely the people we would like to take care of.


The Association for Human Rights proposes itself, through multidisciplinary tools of:

- Focus attention on people's problems and difficulties

- Enhance the exchange between different cultures for mutual enrichment

- Ensure that institutions / bodies / citizens are an active part in improving the living conditions of all with the awareness of duties

- Educating to culture, art and legality to build healthy relationships

- Create meeting and comparison points that give rise to original ideas and initiatives to enhance the territory by livening up the cultural life of the individual neighborhoods

- Making public schools (first and second grade) more active than changing society to train aware citizens

- Helping the inclusion of foreign people in the world of work, education, culture and art and helping to overcome stereotypes and prejudices about the mentality, customs and behavior of foreign people (immigrants, refugees, refugees)

- Let people know that all men are equal, without distinction of ethnicity, gender, religion.

- Focus on the education of children and on the protection of the rights of minors, Italian and foreign, emphasizing the importance of beauty and stimulating their creativity

- Contribute and support the work of teachers, operators, volunteers in taking care of the cultural and spiritual growth of people, not just young people

- Stimulate, through debates, conferences and all the cultural instruments of a civilized country, critical thinking for the establishment of an honest public opinion that results in correct and respectful behavior

Head Quarter

Via Casoretto, 33 – 20131 Milano (MI)



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