8 October 1967

Accade Oggi

On October 8th, 1967, the Argentinean revolutionist Ernesto “Che” Guevara was captured by some soldiers of the Bolivian army, following an armed fight. He was in Bolivia to try and trigger a popular revolution, exactly what he had done in Cuba and, later, in Congo. The capture took place in the woods near the village of La Higuera where, after spending a night agonizing because of the wounds caused by the battle, he died by execution through a gunshot, according to the witnesses that emerged only after some time. In fact, the army had initially denied carrying out the execution and had declared that Guevara had died because of the gunfight, but this version was disproved by the autopsy. He was buried in an anonymous grave near Vallegrande, in Bolivia, and his body was located, removed and buried in Cuba only in 1997. Despite his figure is, and has always been, controversial, Che Guevara has become a symbol of the 20th century, undoubtedly earning a secure place in the contemporary collective imaginary as the quintessential revolutionist.

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    Chiara Vona

    Si è laureata in Relazioni Internazionali, con una tesi sulle trasmissioni radiofoniche americane verso i Paesi del blocco orientale durante la Guerra fredda e, attualmente, lavora nell'ambito della comunicazione.
    In Mondo Internazionale è Segretario di Mondo Internazionale Academy e redattrice per "AccadeOggi" ed "EuropEasy".

    She graduated in International Relations with a dissertation about American International broadcasting towards the communist bloc during the Cold War and, currently, she works in communications.
    Within Mondo Internazionale, she is Secretary of the Mondo Internazionale Academy and she writes for "It Happens Today" and "EuropEasy".



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