30 March 1889

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It was inaugurated on the 31st of March, 1889, and it is one of the most famous monument in the world, symbol of France: we are talking about the Tour Eiffel, whose building was an extraordinary work of engineering.

The project of the building, whose construction was leaded by the engineer Gustave Eiffel, was based on an iron structure which rested on four pillars, at that time high 312 metres and today, with TV aerial, 324 metres. A lot of people criticised it because they didn’t like it from an esthetical point of view calling it “iron asparagus”, a popular name also nowadays, to underline the contrast with the aesthetics of the Ville Lumière architectures. The two elevators inside the monument constitute one of the most popular touristic attractions. Until 1930 it remains the highest building in the world, then overcome by the Chrysler Building in Manhattan, in turn beaten by the Empire State Building. The Tour Eiffel is brighten by 20.000 light bulbs that, when they are switched on, they give a magic and unique atmosphere.

To notice that it was chosen to be shown at the Universal Exposition of Paris, which exactly started the same year of its inauguration, among 100 proposals presented for the Expo. It was conceived as a transitory construction, so much that in 1909 it risked to be destroyed. But, its popularity among the Parisians and the fact that it was easy – from the top – to reach radio transmission leaded to abandon this original idea. So, it was decided to maintain what has become the symbol of Paris and the entire France!

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