26 September 1977

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On 26 September 1977 the Chernobyl nuclear power station Vladimir II Lenin begins to produce energy. It is the first in Ukraine and also the one that will be sadly remembered for the accident of 26 April 1986, the most catastrophic incident that ever occurred in a nuclear power plant.

Despite being less well known, it is actually Pryp’jat in the Kiev region, the city hardest hit by the disaster, being in fact the extension of the complex initially designed to accommodate the workers of the plant and their families. Today the one that first had about 50000 inhabitants in the accident, looks like a real ghost town, completely evacuated and devoid of any human trace.

The city of Chernobyl, instead, 10 km from the power plant, is today inhabited by about 700 people, mainly those who due to the explosion were forced to evacuate and who later wanted to go home.

The plant is still locked up in a huge concrete, it has still been locked up in a huge concrete sarcophagus to contain radiation. The cause of the explosion was essentially in the design of the plant itself.

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