21 November 1970

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Vietnam War, 1970, two US teams, the American aviation and the American army, with the aim of freeing about 70 compatriots prisoners of war, arrived at the Vietnamese prison camp of Son Tay. That November 21, 1970, with the operation that later took the name of Ivory Coast, represented a real "flop", a failure, for the American army that only once arrived on the enemy territory and once the rescue operation had begun, realized that the soldiers had already been previously transferred. Looking at the reality of history, this episode is actually just one of several failed recovery operations by the US coalition against the Vietnamese forces coalition.

The Vietnam War, which interested for twenty years (1955-1975) Indochina and the bilateral relations between Vietnam and the United States, began in the unstable context of the cold war for questions due to internal problems and interests of external powers toward the dynamics of power in the re-established Indochinese peninsula. The war ended with the unpredictable victory of the Vietnamese forces, the fall of the South Vietnamese regime and the reunification of the country under the communist leadership of Hanoi.

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    Giulia Geneletti

    Laureata con lode in Scienze Politiche presso l'Università degli Studi di Milano, curiosa, intraprendente e sempre motivata da nuove avventure ed esperienze. Ha svolto diverse esperienze lavorative, formative e di volontariato in Italia e all'estero. Si interessa di politiche pubbliche, relazioni internazionali, comunicazione politica, affari europei e di consulenza.
    Giulia è entrata nella community di Mondo Internazionale nel Giugno 2019 ed ha da allora ricoperto diversi ruoli sia di redazione che di direzione. Ad oggi è Direttore di Mondo Internazionale HUB, all'interno del quale ha dato vita al progetto di MIPP, l'Incubatore di Politiche Pubbliche di Mondo Internazionale.

    Graduated with honors in Political Science from the University of Milan, curious, proactive and always motivated by new adventures and experiences. She has had several work, training and volunteer experiences in Italy and abroad. She is interested in public policy, international relations, political communication, European affairs and consultancy.
    Giulia joined the Mondo Internazionale community in June 2019 and has since held various editorial and management roles. To date she is Director of Mondo Internazionale HUB, within which she gave life to the project of MIPP, the Public Policy Incubator of Mondo Internazionale.



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