About us

We are born as a non-profit association based in Gallarate (Italy), in December 2017. Our ideas of International Cooperation, Social and Interpersonal Development at a human level, are, right from the start, our guidelines in order to contribute to the evolution and well-being of the world community. The objective of developing partnerships and synergies with the most diverse international realities, both public and private, allows us to be a meeting point for different cultures. Thanks to our efficient organization, able to carry out projects and create new opportunities for the community, we are contributing with our innovative ideas to overcome the challenges of the 21st century. Our ambition leads us to create a unique and multidisciplinary research hub that makes possible to coordinate and implement multiple projects and investments in various fields.


From Italy to the world

Mondo Internazionale: “Mondo” (i.e. World), understood as a set of countries and cultures; Internazionale” (i.e. International), the constant connection between the infinite facets of the globe. For this reason we realize international collaborations, as promoters of culture and research inventors. Born in Italy, we work to create connections and new entities in the world, in every continent and in every country.

Our goals

  • International Cooperation for Global Challenges
  • Development and Training
  • In this evolving world, climate change, migration, industrial and economic revolutions are just some of the challenges that society has to face every day. We deeply believe in cooperation and collaboration among generations to create new, dynamic and vibrant opportunities for the individual and the community. We recognize that innovation is the key to the evolution of society and for this reason our role is to support young talents. Our ambition is to unite ideas and needs of different generations, supporting initiatives already started or creating new ones, thanks to solid and lasting partnerships.

  • We firmly believe in the need to develop positive skills for the community. With our activities we give the possibility to all our members to pursue an educational growth and the development of sectorial skills. The individual is the fundamental resource on which to invest to trace a successful course towards social development.

Our tools

  • Professionalism and Ambition
  • “Transversality” and Interconnection
  • Professionalism: responsibility and commitment; Ambition: courage to propose something revolutionary. Every day for us is a bet on the ideas and insights of our members and the community, looking at the challenges for the future with proactivity and planning. Dynamism and efficiency are the priorities of our Association.

  • Learning from the 86 billion neurons in the human brain, our wish is to create connections. This is what we call transversality: connect our world, guaranteeing to the humanity the possibility of interacting, of knowing and developing. This is for us an essential requirement for all our activities: giving life to an international and interconnected panorama, rich in infinite cultural facets capable of contributing to the knowledge in order to overcome global challenges.

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