A paper on creativity and innovation

Part 2

What role does creativity and innovation have in development?

It should be noted thusly, that development In itself is not achievable without creativity and innovation. For development to occur, creativity and innovation must already be in existence.

Below are some important roles that creativity and innovation have in in development;

  1. Increasing the productivity of the organisation; it encourages the employees to think outside of the box and it grants them the opportunity to explore new ideas. For an economy, school, business, Religious organisation and so on to be called developed or to be in its development stage, it means its evolving, it means there is an exchange of ideas, valuable ideas. It means that organisation is being recognised for doing something different.
  2. Creativity improves the process of solving problems; It doesn't matter if we're talking about developing a new strategy or an innovative way to stay ahead of the competition, for something to be called creative or innovative, it means that thing has found a new way to solve the problem and not just something that is just new to that organisation but something that is simply new.
  3. Creativity and innovation gives that competitive edge; at this times when everybody is at the top of their game, every organisation searches for that new touch, that different mind that is driven by creativity and innovation so that they can keep the company at the top of their game and this is what we do.

TO ME creativity means something new, different, exceptional. Creativity is when I hear something that I have heard before, but this time I don’t want to stop listening, I want to keep asking questions, knowing how its achievable, when and why it should be achieved and then it motivates me to take positive action on it.

TO ME, innovation is something fresh, not entirely new but not just something I have seen before. I also feel creativity and innovation have a very strong bond.

Does creativity and innovation support inclusion?

Firstly, What is inclusion?

Simply put, inclusion is the act or state of being involved within a group or structure thereby, providing equal access to opportunities and resources.

It is strongly believed that, creativity and innovation highly support inclusion. It does so because both variables that is creativity and innovation encourage involvement, encourages equal participation, seeks opinion, motivates interaction as well.

Example, if a person is to creatively do an art work personally, he involves his mind, he searches his soul, he lets his heart breathe, he clears his head all in a measure to ensure he innovates something extraordinary, by so doing, he has involved himself intra-personally (inclusion).

In another example if a company has assigned a group to come up with a new creative design for a new product to launch, that group will sit down, discuss the product amongst themselves, designate duties to each person and work together, by doing so they have actively involved themselves (inclusion).

In conclusion, Creativity and Innovation are actively involved in inclusion.

Witten by Clementino Ominyi, member of MI Nigeria

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