What We Do

Since its foundation, Mondo Internazionale has been working for and with young people to bring about positive change in the reality around us. Through a large number of collaborations with public and private bodies, the Association is able to support the innovative and socially useful ideas proposed by its members to make them a reality. The members of Mondo Internazionale are multiplying from year to year. To date, the Association has 75 members who actively work in the field of Information, Training, Research, Innovation and Sustainable Development. See our projects pages Hub and Academy for more information on activities under development.

How we do it

  • Smartworking
  • Internationalization
  • Each member of the Association has the opportunity to perform their work from home and wherever they want, using specific platforms offered by the Association through its partners, to ensure maximum organization and continuous communication between the different teams. Our need to work online is linked to the willingness to connect people around the world.

  • Since 2019, Mondo Internazionale has expanded its horizons, opening two international branches in Nigeria and Cameroon. These international realities allow us to involve an increasing number of young and motivated people from different realities in the project.


  • Innovation
  • Information
  • New ideas daily proposed and developed by all members of the Association, in Italy and abroad, coming from the need for change and innovation of the reality surrounding us in terms of training, research, innovation and sustainable development. Innovating in a simple way for everyone is the turning point

  • An impartial approach, developed from the need to communicate facts and ideas to all around the world. Objectivity and punctuality are the two fundamental values to tell about the facts and to investigate on the possible outcomes for our future.

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