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The Kallawaya, which in Aymara means "He who brings healing herbs", are itinerant doctors who have since time travelled enormous distances between Chile, Argentina and Ecuador. With a striped poncho, a silver cross and a canvas bag full of healing herbs and amulets they assimilate new knowledge and gain fame and respect. They believe that the infirmity derives from the breaking of a harmony between man and nature. Healing depends on an internal balance between the two. It therefore assumes considerable importance the spiritual energy regained to heal. The Kallawaya come from 8 Communities in Bolivia; they are Quechua native speakers and are predominantly men as women are excluded from medical practice and work in the fields replacing the husband during travel.

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    Stefano Sartorio

    Laureato in Scienze Internazionali e Istituzioni Europee e studente di Relazioni internazionali, mi piace indagare sulle cause delle problematiche e capire i fondamenti che caratterizzano le più odierne sfide globali.



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