Students and Young Professionals Side by Side: Experiences and Ambitions

September 14th 2020, 6 pm - Zoom Webinar

On Sept. 14th, 2020 at 6.00 pm, the webinar “Students and Young Professionals Side by Side: Experiences and Ambitions”, a joint effort between Mondo Internazionale and Venice Diplomatic Society, will be presented. It will feature four panelists discussing their diverse paths related to work and academic careers: our special guests will share experiences, exchange opinions, give advice and ask-answer questions about their careers, the job market, as well as their educational path and training.


One of the common truths of our days is that professions and the job market are constantly and rapidly changing. Shifts in the global economy and markets have the disruptive power to give birth to completely new professional opportunities but, on the other side, they also are the events that can lead to the death of professional figures that have often been considered immortal.

We are assisting this process even nowadays. We have been spectators of how the digitalization has changes not only our way of living but also our economy. The advent of the IoT (Internet of Things) has been the dawn of a new disruptive wave that have forced to rethink the future of the labor market. Private and public institutions are hiring new professional profiles that have the competences support them in this “digital transition”. National and international institutions are looking for experts and officials who are capable of developing policies and recommendations that take in account emerging technologies.

Students who are in the middle of their journey in universities and college wonder how they can be prepared to face the “world of professionals” once they graduate. What do they need to succeed after the graduation? What are the skills they need to land they professional goals? These are one of the questions that will be discussed in the online event “Students and Young Professionals Side by Side: Experiences and Ambitions”.

During this event, two young students (Ludovico Campagnolo and Arianna Giannino) will discuss together with two young and successful professionals, Pietro Fochi and Antonia Vignolo, how to gain the fundamental skills and the necessary expertise to start developing a professional profile that can satisfy the need of the current job market. By sharing the testimony of their professional experiences and successes with (name of the two students), Pietro and Antonia will give their hints and tips to how achieve professional ambitions. Mirian Bettamin, President of Venice Diplomatic Society, will be the mediator.

The event is organized by Mondo Internazionale, a no-profit organization who supports young students in achieving their professional ambitions through a “learn-by-doing approach”, and the Venice Diplomatic Society, a students’ association from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice that invest in young people's expertise within the field of diplomacy and international relations.

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    Elodie Cardonnet

    Italiana e Francese laureanda in “Relazioni Internazionali” e ha ottenuto un Master in “Global Marketing, Comunicazione & Made in Italy”. Spinta dalla sua passione per la diplomazia, l’educazione non formale, la protezione ambientale e gli Asian studies, ha visitato oltre 20 Paesi per lavoro, volontariato, training e studio. In Mondo Internazionale è Responsabile Logistica e Accordi Settoriali e Responsabile del progetto “Japan 2020”.

    She is Italian and French, she is graduating in "International Relations", and she has a Master in in " Global Marketing, Communication & Made in Italy". Led by her passion for diplomacy, non-formal education, environment protection and Asian studies, she visited over 20 countries for working, volunteering, training and studying. In Mondo Internazionale she is Responsible of Logistics and Sectoral Agreements and Project Manager for “Japan 2020”.


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